About ECN


ECN is a digital communication business providing major office buildings with ‘real-time’ information, connecting executives to relevant content and providing brands with a premium quality, highly targeted advertising network for an aspirational environment.



Our network has
installations in iconic
office buildings
Our network reaches
ABC1 audience

ECN Australia is a part of oOh!media Limited. Our brand purpose is to facilitate meaningful connections between property owners, office executives and advertisers.

As a world leading executive communications company, our product solutions are vast, including premium high definition video walls, large format digital screens in office foyers, in-lift screens, brand interactions and corporate car park display.

Our digital network delivers a real-time mix of live news, relevant content and full-motion display advertising, all premium communications solutions that enhance the tenant experience, whilst simultaneously providing advertisers with a unique platform through which they can effectively connect with an increasingly elusive, working audience.

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