Executive Interact

Create brand affinity within the trusted office environment

Executive Office
Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) reaches
Executive People each week


Drive eyeballs online

Engage Executive People from the office foyer to their desktop. In partnership with Equiem an integrated technology services company, ECN offers advertisers connection opportunities which deepen engagement within the office environment.

Converse directly with Executive People via our weekly electronic direct mail (EDM), or via online brand mentions in News and event posts.  You can even sell product via our exclusive online store portals.

Executive Interact
Executive Interact


Create high impact solutions

ECN offers special build concepts within the office foyer environment. Lift wraps offer a wonderful creative canvas and add an unexpected element to a campaign.

The Cube, which is located in Sydney provide clients with a street level large format presence in a high traffic CBD pedestrian precinct.

Executive Interact


Putting hands on brands

We offer brand experiences including product sampling or product demonstrations within specific office foyers, positioning your brand within the trusted office environment and creating greater brand affinity.