Executive Office

Premium, high definition, large screen network

Executive Office
Our network screens are noticed by
of tenants



Executive Office displays a mix of content and advertising. Large format LED screens are installed into the foyers of each tower, impacting 100% of building tenants and visitors each day.

Network content includes news, business sport and weather, and is updated every 10 minutes across the working day.




Advertising opportunities exist between the content pieces offer advertisers a range of connection opportunities on-screen. With 98% of tenants noticing the screens, our high frequency ad campaigns (240 spots per day) position your campaign well for success.

Network sponsorship delivers unrivalled brand content dominance, allowing brands to “own” the content with their brand and logo association.  Our bespoke solutions create on-screen brand stories which align with your business needs, delivering ultimate creative flexibility to maximise on-screen effectiveness.

We just don’t sell advertising, we integrate your brand seamlessly into the on-screen environment.