ECN Launches Dynamic Campaign for Dyson

10 October 2016

ECN Australia today announces the launch of the dynamically triggered campaign for Dyson – specifically their intelligent purifier. This automated campaign incorporates ECN’s smart ads technology, displaying a live feed of the real-time pollen count in each market.

Dyson’s key objective is to grow interest and demand for the intelligent purifier (which also offers fan & heater functions) and to raise the profile of the Dyson Pure range. Dyson also aims to highlight the health benefits of the new product – particularly those suffering from allergies.

By utilising the dynamic offerings of ECN’s digital network. through the live pollen count, Dyson will be able to generate excitement and interest while showcasing the product in an impactful environment that resonates with their target audience.

The dynamic elements of the campaign, are crucial in creating a premium point-of-difference by providing Executive People with real-time information.

Through our ongoing research program “Executive Lives” we know 90% of Executive People are comfortable using the latest technologies (Media@work: Dec 2015: 1,039) and 40% suffer from hay fever (Health@work: Feb 2015: 1,264). ECN reaches office workers with real-time information in the ideal moment in the ‘path-to-purchase’, right before they hit their desks.

Dyson’s campaign began today and is displayed nationally on the network.